Friday, October 10, 2008

Yeah, buoy!

(by naomi)

It's 6 days and counting until we cast off, so I've been turning my attention lately to the weather buoys that line the California coast. If tuna is the chicken of the sea, buoys are the stock market. They can be closely monitored, conditions change rapidly, and the fluctuations provoke in turn alarm and relief. The amount of data one can access about wind, tides, and current in real-time is pretty staggering--my favorite buoy site is at which I've got my eyes on the buoys outside the SF gate and off point Concepcion.

The last few days have been pretty intense--yesterday Pt. Concepcion was showing gale force wind and 18 foot seas-- but things appear to be calming down a bit.

Now if only we could say the same for the market..

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Unknown said...

Hey it was good to see you before you cast off. Hope your first leg is going good and that we didn't impede your departure too much!
Seth & Bec