Wednesday, October 8, 2008

(dog) Separation Anxiety

We haven't even cast off the dock lines yet, and already my heart pangs at the thought of leaving behind my best brown friend.

Ever since we brought this animated plush toy home 4 years ago, he has been a constant companion; he is literally at my side almost all of the time.

Dogs love routine, and our days follow this pattern: Naomi is sitting at the dining room table, working. I let Finney out of his crate with a hearty "Good Morning" greeting. He runs between my legs and then jumps up on her lap, wagging his tail furiously and slapping his tongue everywhere.

I've never seen such enthusiasm to start each day, and it never waxes or's consistently jubilant every time.

Next, we walk down the hill to the office. On the way, we stop at the La Taza cafe to pick up an extra large coffee. I park him outside the door, without tying him up, and he sits there motionless, intensely waiting for me to come out. Mind you, this is right off Union Square, so crowds are milling about. The European tourists, in particular, are impressed that he sits there without restraint and ignoring all distractions.

While at the office, he positions himself under my desk and falls asleep-- usually just in such a spot that I have to scoot my chair back and stretch to reach the keyboard, making for some awkward ergonomics.

When the work day is done, we go home, make a meal, and watch some Netflix. He lays on the couch next to me, rests his head on my lap, and falls asleep. Occasionally he snores. Finally, we go to bed. And yes, when Naomi is traveling out of town, he sleeps next to me.

But he's really not a sailor. So it is going to be excruciating when we set sail next week and my brown buddy will stay behind.

I am comforted by the fact he'll be with some of his favorite people on earth, Ali/Cooper and the Skaggs (gretch, you reading this?) and will be well cared for.

Nonetheless, I think I will soon learn what a siamese twin must feel following a successful separation operation. I may inadvertently reach down to scratch his head, and feel nothing but air.

Do you think I could get Naomi to curl up at my feet for an hour or two?

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Gretchen said...

Oh my god...I can't take this. I have created a website for poor Finney's parents so that you all can check in on Finney anytime to see what he's up to.
Go to: to see Finney's Great Adventures!