Wednesday, October 22, 2008

San Diego!

6 days and 551 miles later, we made it to San Diego! It was a slow trip, light winds and lots of motoring. We are happy to be in the sunshine after the chilly coastal passage, and catch up on sleep after 6 days of 3 hour shifts. The coast was beautiful--we saw a whale, a shark, and dolphins galore. Stopped at a lovely harbor in Santa Barbara for a night where our trusty crew Brian left us, then Nate and I made the last 150 miles to SD solo. As we closed in on SD, in the dark of night, an unlit boat sped toward us on a collision course--turned out it was the coast guard, which boarded us and checked us for safety compliance. Hurulu did great, and we'll spend the next few days preparing for our trip to Cabo.


Unknown said...

Sounds like an awesome, yet tiring trip. Seems like Nate always runs out of food on boats.. maybe he should learn how to fish or something?

Chineese Proverb: Teach a Man to Fish and he will sit on the boat and get drunk all day

Jim Parker said...

Nice greeting by the Coast Guard, good to know they're tracking all the dangerous looking boats! Keep in touch! Jim