Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dolphins and Dance Party (video)

When we went home to Florida in January we bought a nifty little video camera called the "Flip Mino". Since then I have diligently annoyed Naomi and anyone else within visual range by taking hours of footage.

However, it's pretty difficult to upload stuff, due to Mexican bandwidth issues...dropped connections, session timeouts, etc. It literally takes me hours and dozens of tries to upload anything.
Anyway, we are nothing if not persistent, so here are a couple fun videos for your enjoyment!

Dolphins off the bow

This was taken on our north-bound passage to Chamela...some of the friendliest dolphins we've found. Anyone know what specific type they are? The spots should give a clue...

Rod Stewart Dance Party on La Palapa

This impromptu footage was taken in the lagoon at Barra de Navidad when my friend Susan was visiting.

We'll keep trying to upload more. We are back in Marina de La Cruz (near Puerto Vallarta) and will be here for another week or so while my parents visit and we complete our list of "boat tasks". Asta luego...

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