Monday, August 18, 2008

Clock is Ticking

I've been having sporadic flashes of panic as I realize how quickly the days are ticking off toward our October departure, while simultaneously, our list of to-dos is growing significantly longer.

We have been using a Google Docs spreadsheet to manage our list. Here are a few sample items we crossed off over the weekend:
  • Take an inventory and create a spare parts list for our Yanmar 3GM30F diesel (shown above).
  • Install our new Delta anchor on the bow roller, without dropping it overboard, and make sure it fits.
  • Clean out the bilge, shower plumbing, and refrigerator (which can all get a little funky on a 30-y/o boat)
I tackled the first two while Naomi took on the un-enviable task of cleaning the galley. To wipe down the walls of the fridge, she literally wedged her whole body into it, a process known as "boat yoga".

We've also had help from a great guy named Bill to help us accomplish some of the more technical tasks, like troubleshooting the propane stove and possibly rigging up some solar panels.

Bill is a rockstar...and a true "boat character". More on him in a future post.

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