Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friends, Family, Dolphins & Ponies

Hello from Boulder, Colorado where I'm visiting my family and freezing my tail off. It's a shocking 11 degrees here-- quite a change from the near-perfect temperatures (in the low 80s) of Puerto Vallarta, where I awoke yesterday.

Since it's obviously too cold to make my fingers write an actual blog post, I'll borrow a trick from the TV networks and put up a few "re-runs". Actually, these are just a few photos that didn't make it up earlier.

First up, from two days ago: we had some visitors from SF: Dan, Tommy and Kate. We went out for a day sail and had nice winds for about an hour. A good time was had by all!
Once the breeze died down, we motored back and were followed at length by this friendly (and LARGE) dolphin, who rode our bow wake for over an hour.

Last week, it was the Zells (my in-laws) who were our guests for a day-sail out of PV:
And a few days before that, we were in the beach town of Sayulita for the best fish tacos and some hot beach / pony action:

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